EVERY STEP COUNTS: 25/05/17 – When we spoke last week about “walking the walk” I really hope you read the article, analysed your own environment and then tried to implement some of the tactics mentioned to be positive and not just “talk the talk”.

Sometimes, walking the walk can be made harder by the actions we decide to take on a daily basis. Just this week, a client of mine was asking about snacking and how his snacks seem to turn into mini meals.

How often have you heard the following statements or even said them yourself:

“I try my hardest but when that biscuit tin comes round I just can’t help myself”

“The vending machine at work is like a magnet, I can’t keep away from it”

“I am always in a rush and making snacks for work is just an inconvenience”

“My snacks have turned into meals and I mean lots of meals”

“I always plan to be good but then the day takes over and before you know it I have eaten my weeks’ worth of treats”

I have heard statements like the above so many times you wouldn’t believe. The interesting thing is that if you use some easy to implement tactics, you can make those statements a thing of the past.

After reading this article I want to you to be saying the following statements instead, check out the difference:

“Snacking helps me manage my day”

“Five minutes of preparation the night before and I now am in complete control of my day”

“I used to eat crisps every day, now I just eat them on a Wednesday and a Friday”

“I am actually saving money to spend at the weekend now that I manage my snacking, it’s great”

See the difference in the statements from the first set of examples compared to the second set of examples. You too can make the difference if you just decide to implement some of the tactics below and trust me…they are easier than you think:

  • Leave your wallet and purse locked in the car in a safe place. If you haven’t got money on you then this will be a barrier to buy bad snacks from the vending machine. The plus side is that you will save money too.
  • Every time you fancy a snack, instead drink a cup of water. The hunger may just be dehydration instead. Drinking water also suppresses your appetite slightly and can mean you can then wait longer till your next actual meal.
  • Have a bag of nuts at your desk split into mini bags. 10 Almonds is roughly 70 calories so if you have a handful it will most likely be around 200 calories which isn’t too high. Limit yourself to a handful a day and there you go, an easy to implement snacking ritual.
  • Link the habit of wanting a snack to going for a walk. Over time you will walk more often which burns more calories and it will also take your mind off actually wanting a snack in the first place. Easy hey?
  • Create an accountability partner at work or at home. Decide on a game plan and stick to it. Your partner can help you when you are starting to deviate away from the plan and vice versa. There will be times when you are doing well and can support your partner and also there will be times when you need the support of your accountability partner too. Pick wisely though as if you haven’t got the same goals and values then you could run into trouble. I will touch more on accountability partners and picking the right one in another column as there is so much to take into consideration.#

So there you have it, five easy ways to stop snacking as often or at least some techniques that lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

To snack or not to snack…that is the question.

It really does come down to personal preference and what will work for you.

I personally only take fruit and nuts with me to work. I also always have a 2 litre bottle of cold water to hand so that if I’m hungry I just drink some water and that normally keeps me going until I get the chance to eat.

Have a great Thursday and choose a snacking ritual from above and please let me know how you get on. Just last week a Martial Arts Instructor contacted me to say how much he enjoys the column, I hope you do too and if you do then please let me know.

Enjoy J

Wheres the cookie jar???