What pain and pleasures did you unearth from last week’s article then?

Like I mentioned last week, it is all about increasing the gap between the pain element and the pleasure element, if you make this gap as big as possible then the chances of breaking and making habits is so much higher.

This week is a massive week for me as I am Joint best man for my best buddy’s wedding. Rob runs Get Active Sports based out of Bracknell and I am sure you have seen all of his banners around the area. Tomorrow he marries the lovely Jade and we all can’t wait for what is going to be an amazing day and an amazing event full of entertainment.

Now, one of the jobs of the best man is to deliver the ‘best man’s’ speech and this week I have been making notes on all the attributes that make up the one and only Rob Sherwood. Now, rather than talk about Rob for the whole of this article I want to talk about someone else who I have studied a lot recently and that person is Roger Federer. After winning Wimbledon again this year, it is impossible to look at the guy and not admire him immensely, I mean he looks amazing, he plays amazing tennis; he looks full of life and vitality and for me is just the perfect ambassador for sport in general.

In simple terms….I believe Roger Federer is the man and I want to share some information with you today about his work ethic and his habits that have helped him along on his journey to this date. Work ethics can be defined as a “Set of moral principles an employee uses in his job.” To me work ethics are the values we believe in and the habits we put in place to enable us to be the best that we can be.

So what have I learnt about Roger Federer in researching this week’s article:

  • Despite a 2016 season plagued by injury, he bounced back in 2017 and was arguably at his very best. This shows he is ROBUST and very FOCUSED even when things are not going his way with his own body.
  • His Fitness Coach has stated on many occasions that Federer is never one to shy away from hard work. This shows he loves his TRAINING and loves putting the TIME into to be the best that he can be.
  • His Fitness Coach has also said in interviews that Federer constantly pushes him to be creative in all training sessions. I would say that this shows that Federer likes to MOTIVATE himself and others as much as possible and create an ENVIRONMENT for positive change.
  • Passion is a philosophy of daily life for him. PASSION will keep you going when the going gets tough and PASSION will get you up in the mornings when it’s cold and dark and you ache and are tired.
  • When playing practice matches, he had to be told to slow it down and take it easy on many occasions. INTENSITY and DRIVE are two words that you just have to associate with the man. You cannot learn these traits, these are engrained in you.
  • Playing many sports throughout his life has been a way of life for him. He has played badminton, basketball, football and cricket throughout his life. I always tell me clients to play other sports and get involved in NEW activities. If it works for Roger then it can work for you too.
  • Finally, Roger Federer has never retired from a match throughout his whole career. COMMITMENT and TENACITY are two amazing characteristics and values that I believe really are deeply understated about this great Tennis player. Never giving up is a value I try and stay true to always.

So what do you stand for?

What work ethics do you believe in?

There are many role models and not just in sport that you can look up to. I can think of many more too. In fact, next week I am going to focus on Mo Farah as I believe he is the man of the moment. I am sure you either watched his Silver medal race last weekend or at least heard about it.

A quote I like to live by is:

“You don’t get what you wish for…you get what you work for.”

Another is:

“Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.”

This week I really want you to read the work ethic facts about Roger Federer and start thinking about what work ethics you want to stand for. Aim to be the best that you can be and aim to work hard and dream big.

When you work hard and have a passion, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

My goal right now is to deliver a great best man’s speech tomorrow and do my bit to make one of my best mates special days as amazing as possible. Ill update you next week on how that goes.

Have a great Thursday and see you again next week.

The main man ROGER