Why do i need to change my behaviour…can i not just eat less and move more??


Many people think that it is this simple but if this were true then we would not have such a growing obesity problem in the world today.

It is true that eating less and moving more will help hugely however modifying behaviour is the key here and this needs to be done systematically to make long term changes to habits.

Working with professionals such as Dr Gary Mendoza, FUNdamental has been developed to change behaviours in a positive way that really will change your life…If your future, health and current behaviours are important to you then we can help!

Issues that we address include:

  • Current thinking and the direct effect it has on your own situation.
  • Problematic behaviours that seem to get worse and worse over time.
  • Precipitating factors that led to the problem in the first place.
  • Developmental events that have predisposed you to gain weight, adopt a certain lifestyle etc.


Research completed at Leeds Metropolitan University by Professor Paul Gately highlighted the following important behaviour change components to successful long term weight management and control:

  • Planning of TV free days, active periods and a better lifestyle.
  • Time management and the use of scheduling skills.
  • Monitoring of activity levels and eating behaviour that can be modified to create amazing results.
  • Goal setting
  • Stimuli control and cues that need to be understood such as reducing snacks in the family home.
  • Modifying eating behaviours such a seating breakfast, cutting down on takeaways, increasing water etc.

In a study to compare the behaviours of individuals who have achieved long term weight management with those of regainers and weight stable stable controls, it was found that weight loss maintainers use more behavioural strategies to control their weight than either regainers or weight stable controls. These studies highlight the need to adopt a multi-dimensional approach top weight management and change in general. By considering how and why people make changes in their behaviour and accessing readiness to change, chances of long term successes are increased.

This is what we do at FUNdamental – Assess men who want to change and then come up with an action plan of how to get there. We use a range of tools and believe us when we say, this investment will be the best investment you will make!