Follow on from the article I wrote last week on work ethics; I wanted to further our conversation regarding role models and traits of famous people. Now, as I stated last week, Roger Federer for me is an absolute legend. Legends do not come around very often but he is certainly one of them. Another legend I want to talk about before moving onto this week’s column is my good friend Rob. Now I hope you remember that last week he got married to his lovely wife Jade and boy was it an amazing time. The wedding had everything and he had everything thrown at him in the speech too. The wedding was an amazing event and a day and night to remember and to top it off he even bought all the best men tickets to the darts at Christmas, amazing gesture.

As you can see I’m pretty stoked about it and this brings me onto a quote I want to share with you from the amazing Jim Rohn which is:

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Who are you spending the most time with?

Do they align with your core values?

Does their presence motivate you to be the best that you can be?

So, moving onto this week’s article and the person I want to talk about this week is the amazing Mo Farah. Just like last week’s article on Roger Federer, I want to talk about his work ethics and his environment that he has created that has helped make him such an absolute legend not just in Athletics but in life in general. So what are we waiting for then?

Let’s check out some things you may not know about him:

  • He runs 125 miles per week no matter what he has going on in life. In his own words, he puts his success down to training.
  • Even though Farah is extremely light weighing in around 9.5 stone he is also incredibly strong. He therefore has a great power to weight ratio, something I always try and work towards.
  • His psychological edge is just crazy. Farah knows that he is the best, knows how to win and also isn’t afraid of winning. Having this confidence is a trait that I try and work on with all my clients. Confidence gives you energy, gets you up in the morning and can make the difference between being good and being great.
  • When Mo Farah was trying to get the top of the sport he spent time living with a group of Kenyan athletes, including the then 5,000m world champion Benjamin Limo, and he vowed to change his lifestyle and his training methods to redouble his efforts to catch up with them. Farah once said in an article, “It took time to adjust to their way of thinking and training. The Kenyan runners are so humble and hard-working. They run, sleep, train and that’s it. I’m living my life in that manner now. That’s exactly what you have to do to be amongst the best in the world.” Hard work beats talent, simple as that.
  • He uses a range of training methods including long runs, sprints, hill sprints, circuit training, bodyweight exercises and other resistance exercises. He says the key to his success is his improved upper body strength. How many runners do you know who say that?
  • Finally, Mo Farah is a great guy and this has been stated by many of the people he has worked with. He is always laughing and joking and making the people around him feel good. This is a trait we can all try and adopt. It feels great making others feel good about themselves so why not try and do this more. Make it a daily ritual to communicate with others and make those communications inspirational and fulfilling for the other person.

As Robin Sharma likes to say:

“Success lies in a masterful consistency around the FUNdaMENTALs.

Make your success be based on the people you care about feeling good; this will give you the energy to smash your days too.

So here we are again, another week, another column and another opportunity for you to be the best that you can be so what you waiting for?

Have a great Thursday and see how Mo Farah can inspire you to be the best that you can be? For me today I will be doing some sprints mixed up with common bodyweight exercises inspired by Farah’s training methods, what are you going to do?

See you next week, let’s make this week an absolute belter!


Mo, take a bow son!!!