EVERY STEP COUNTS: 01/06/17 – We might as well discuss last week’s article first.

How did you find your snacking routines in the last week?

Did you manage to implement any of the tactics we discussed last week?

Have you found yourself more in control of your temptations since reading the column last week?

Let me clear up one final point…snacking or grazing as it is also known is not a problem, you just need to manage it right and make sure whatever tactic you decide to use fits in with your environment and goals. When I was trying to add lean mass, my snacking rituals included drinking extra amounts of milk in the region of 300-400 calories per snacking interval. Now I am trying to lean out for the summer, this has changed to 50-100 calorie snacks coming from mainly nuts. I think you can see the difference.

As you can see from the two choices, they are all dependent on the specific goal and what you are trying to achieve.

Now onto this week’s topic and first of all I want to mention what an amazing event the S.A.F.E Fun day was this Monday. It was held at Wokingham and Emmbrook Sport s Club and there were so many people there it was a joy to be there. I was there with my boxing club fellow coach Matt Howe and we can honestly say that the feedback we got from everyone was great. I think the Centurion Bob that we had everyone working with got a good workout. Check out the picture where we even had Wokingham Paper chief reporter Gemma Davidson showcasing her skills, she did great by the way.

One thing that we noticed whilst working the Boxing stand all day was how many parents loved seeing their children being active and expending some energy and having lots of fun whilst doing so. We had so many kids aged 7-15 taking part as well as the adults and of course the ever keen younger children on the day. The look on the parents faces whilst their son or daughter was giving it everything against Bob was priceless so I want to touch today on how you can get your children active even when at home or doing normal routines.

There are clearly many ways to get your children active and this area is particularly great as there are so many opportunities to keep active but I know the list below works as I have used all of them myself with my own children:

  • Try and involve your children in tasks that you do as part of your normal routine. Take them shopping, take them to walk the dog when you do. You can take them to the garden centre even when you are just popping out to get some things quickly. Not only will this keep them off the sofa and give you some time together, it will also let them appreciate everything you do.
  • Get them to take the washing down from the washing basket upstairs to the washing machine when you do the washing every few days. You can mix it up by getting them to take an item at a time or different colours each trip, this will mean more trips up and down the stairs and will probably give them a good mini workout. My kids love this and I always tease them by hiding some clothes and when they think they have finished you show the hidden items.
  • Once per week on a day that suits, pick a journey that you normally drive, leave earlier and walk instead. The extra walking is great for you and your children and promotes a healthy lifestyle too. The kids may not always be enthusiastic about walking but they will appreciate it when you have some more time together being present and engaging in conversation.
  • Finally, you can always get them involved in your own fitness methods. I know I am very biased but I love taking the kids to my coaching unit, The Hub and also take them along to the boxing club. If you do home workouts then get them involved even if it only lasts for 5-10 minutes. If they are allowed, get them down to your gym to either join in junior sessions or watch you working out yourself. I love being a role model and if you read this column and are a parent then I bet you do too.

The methods above are not too difficult to implement and I’m sure you can think of many more ways of getting your children active just by thinking of your own routine and environment. If you really struggle with it then contact my main man Rob Sherwood from Get Active Sports who I am sure can help. If you want your children to get into boxing then contact me and I am sure we can get them into the boxing club as we launch on Monday evening.

“One of the most important things we adults can do for young children is to model the type of person we would like them to be.”

I want to leave you with a quote that I truly believe in and it is:

“Happy healthy parents make happy healthy children.”

So go out and do what you have to do today but make being active a priority for everyone you care about. Turn physical activity and movement into a hobby and turn it into a treat for your little ones.

Happy Thursday everyone and I look forward to seeing you next week when I yet again return from one of my best friends stag do abroad in Spain.. I am sure I will have some stories to share J

Till next week…

Healthy children are important to me, what about you??