I can honestly say that I really hope you took on board last week’s article and you have been working on owning your mornings. The S-A-V-E-R-S protocol is an awesome game changer and one which I have manipulated slightly with my own clients.

If you want to see how I have adapted it and put the FUNdaMENTAL spin on it then you know what you need to do…

Last weekend I was on an England Boxing Level 1 course in Oxford. After being in the Royal Marines, starting up Wokingham and Emmbrook Boxing Club and training clients since starting Personal Training in 2013, my knowledge on the subject is pretty good. However you can never stop learning and you should never ever decide to not want to upgrade your skills when you get the opportunity.  I would like to quote the great Bruce Lee who once said:

“Life itself is your teacher and you are in a state of constant learning.

The course was spread over two full weekends so at least my wife got a break from me which I believe she actually quite enjoyed. Back to the course, one of the subjects discussed during the learning days was motivating others and keeping your training sessions fun. We work with lots of children and also lots of adults and the place has been booming since setting up the boxing club. Even though everyone is loving the club and also loving my private training unit, The Hub, a goal of mine is to always make the sessions fun.

So how do you keep your training program fun and enjoyable so that you don’t give up?

What tactics can you use to make training a priority for you every week?

How could you train so that you look forward to every single session just like my coaching clients and also all our boxing community members do?

Check out the list below of tactics I personally use to help keep training sessions fun and dedicated:

  • Grab a workout buddy or accountability partner that you actually enjoy spending time with. I train with one of my best mates Rob every Thursday and we have a good chat and a laugh whilst also training. It’s a win win.
  • Jump on a group class. Most gyms offer group sessions throughout the week. I run 2 group classes called the Alpha Warriors (Male only training on Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday mornings) and Hub-X (Mixed sex group class on Wednesday and Friday evenings). Group classes are good fun and there are so many to choose from so what are you waiting for?
  • Make an awesome playlist that lasts between 20 minutes and 60 minutes and don’t leave the gym until you have listened to it. Listening to awesome music has been directly linked with productive workouts and good solid training so crank up those tunes and get training.
  • Bracket tough exercises with easier exercises so that you don’t dread the tougher options. I love doing Deadlifts but sometimes I hear clients have a little moan when they hear they are doing them. What I do is put an exercise they love to do before and after it so that all of a sudden, the deadlift doesn’t seem too bad. It’s just a mental trick really.
  • Complete a workout challenge. This week I started The “Hubinator” summer challenge workout. It consists of doing 6 exercises for 50 reps followed by a lap of the development. Quite a few of my clients have given it a go already so what are you waiting for. Go on my Facebook page for more info on it and then give it a go. It will take you between 5 and 15 minutes depending on your fitness levels so get competitive and join in the fun.
  • Try something new. Doing a completely new exercise is always fun and can add that little bit of fun into your workout. I would suggest researching an exercise for a body part that you want to work on, picking a new one and then add it into your routine.
  • Hire a coach like me or one of the million other trainers around the area. Trainers and coaches can take the pressure off you of trying to make the session fun. One of my FUNdaMENTAL values is that everyone that comes into The Hub leaves in a better mood than what they come in with. If you struggle with your sessions and keeping it fun then get in contact and let’s see what we can sort out??
  • Finally, try doing a type of circuit that you have never done before. A deck of cards workout is always a guaranteed winner in my eyes. One of my clients Stevie loves the deck of cards workout and does it often when he wants a good workout but also a good FUN session.


Workouts and training programs should be fun so try and implement some of the tactics above starting tomorrow.


Never ever underestimate the importance of having fun.


If you’re not having fun then you are doing something wrong.


I really do hope this article adds that little bit of fun into your training program and if not well just keep working hard, keep working on positive change and keep striving to reach your goals.


Happy Thursday to you and make having fun a core value you can apply to everything you do J

Having fun???