How have your workouts been going this week?

Have you injected some fun into your training program?

What if any of the tactics I mentioned last week have you tried to implement?

Having fun for me should always be a core value when it comes to everything in life.

I like having fun with my family.

I like having fun with my wife.

I like having fun with my friends.

I like having fun with my clients

What makes having fun easier generally every day is when I am in complete control of my day and more specifically in complete control of my diary / calendar. When your TIME MANAGEMENT skills are on point you are always more relaxed even when you get a nasty surprise. One of the skills I have been personally working on is TIME MANAGEMENT.

Time management can be defined as:

“Managing your time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity.”

Having a busy schedule taking into consideration children, work, commuting, social life, partners, work engagements, life’s random incidents and anything else that can affect your day to day routines it is of vital importance to be on the ball.

I think sometimes in life you have to see how not to operate to appreciate how to operate. Working on your own in a private facility there is no hiding from bad time management so I try my best to be a Jedi when it comes to time management and being in control of my life. In previous places I have worked I think you would be shocked at some of the things I have seen. I have seen trainers forget about clients, trainers turn up over 20 minutes for 1:1 appointments, trainers turn up late and have the audacity to make themselves a coffee before saying hello to their client and even trainers who write programs out in their notebooks whilst the client is warming up. When I started The Hub, I made a personal promise to never be one of those trainers. Using the time management tactics below has enabled me to do this.

The points are simple so get reading and more importantly…get implementing:

  • Schedule everything in your diary. If the task can be done immediately then just get it done.
  • Add at least 10 minutes of allowed time to every task. Having this extra time will mean less stress and will give you some extra time to reflect and plan other things throughout the day.
  • Schedule everything that is of importance into your diary and view those events as important as a meeting with your accountant or doctor. I schedule my gym sessions with friends into my diary. Having the gym sessions equal to other sessions I have booked in my diary means I hardly ever have to miss them.
  • Don’t work against your environment. If you need to be at the gym to meet your workout partner at 6pm every night and your last meeting at work ends at 6pm its fair to say that you are going to be late and sod’s law you will probably hit traffic on the way too meaning more stress. The easier way would be to look at each other’s diaries and try and find a suitable alternative. Working with your environment rather than against it will always be the better option in the long term.
  • Spend 15 minutes every morning looking ahead to your day and seeing what you have in store. I have a very specific morning routine that I follow and one of the parts of the routine involves looking ahead to the day in front of me. This is one of my favourite times of the day as it allows me to look for any sticking points in my day and sort them out at the earliest opportunity. This basically equates to a much less stressful life.
  • Schedule in some downtime throughout your week. Make sure you keep it free and use that time to do something that you actually love doing. For me, that time is normally a gym session or some time with the family. You may not believe it but I actually schedule in a slot every Sunday night where I ban electronics such as my phone, iPad and laptop. Having a busy life can sometimes mean your focus is distracted by work for example. My wife Emma and I love relaxing together on a Sunday night watching films and TV series and having a few treats so I schedule no personal electronics, I love doing it and for sure know my wife does too.

The tactics above are just a few from a huge toolbox available.

What tactics stand out for you and which ones are you going to try starting today or tomorrow?

Time management is life management.

Either run the day or the day runs you.

Have a great Thursday and own your day. Being in control of your day can be the best feeling as everything else just then seems to fall into place.

Either run the day or the day runs you