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From as little as £2 per day you can change your life by becoming a FUNdaMENtal member

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FUNdaMENtal Nutrition

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Modifying your lifestyle and changing your eating habits is key to long term success.

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Want more muscle and less fat??? sure you do, every guy does!

Online when and where you need us

Online when and where you need us

Online for you when you need us. The number one male weight management program in the world.

Education and doing things right

Education and doing things right

Investment in your education is key no matter your age..think of your future.

Positive Behaviour Change

Positive Behaviour Change

Good habits are as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding.


Its so easy to learn the wrong way to do things like eating and sleep. After chatting with Chris and the Fundamental team i now have some clarity and see good things ahead

Dave pritchard Online Businessman


I have always struggled with changing my habits. I followed the plan with Fundamental and now can honestly say that i have changed and now adopt the 80/20 rule as they like to preach :)

Lee Davis Self employed tradesman


I work most days and have a family. Trying to get out to the gym and fitness classes is tough. Knowing that i can quietly be at home learning when it is convenient works for me and the ongoing learning is wicked. Thank god for Fundamental and the good times ahead.

Ben Cook Accountant


Love the sessions, love the atmosphere, love the time taken on Nutrition. The group support makes it all worth it and i wouldn't go anywhere else. Support was key as it not something you talk with friends about.

Paul Grindrod Solicitor / Partner in firm


As i live in the centre of Wokingham this place is perfect. I love the Alpha Warrior camps and i love taking my Nutrition to the next level...this year i am hoping for big things.

Dan Lawry Property Consultant and Long Term Alpha Warrior


My husband needed motivating and Chris was the man for the job Mark loves the sessions and long may this continue.

Estelle Jackson Wife of NOW motivated husband